Full Blede, April, 2019

                    The Interpenetrate

                    White Flag: Scar Tissue-Encaustic on fabric mounted to panel

Full Blede, January, 2019

                    The Continuant

                    Zero Hour-Encaustic on paper

                    Blue Tribe-Encaustic on paper

                    Spectacle-Encaustic on paper

Full Blede, October 27, 2018

Issue 6: The Parapraxis

The Oracle, January 15, 2018

                    Moving Archer Forward:

                    Community celebrates groundbreaking for Campus Master Plan

                    (by Cat Oriel)


Architect, December 4, 2017

                    Archer School for Girls’ Master Plan is Set to Break Ground

                    (by Ayda Ayoubi)


The Journal, May 26, 2015

                    Private Girls School Revamps STEM and Media Spaces

                    (by Dian Schaffhauser)


The Eastsider LA, December 3, 2012

                    Silverlake Conservatory of Music looking for room to grow


CMU Profiles, July 2011, Awards Edition

                    Merit Award in Education Design

                    (Jury Comments)


Architectural West, August 2008

                    Aquatics Center:

                    Completion of Caruso Watt Aquatics Center at Brentwood School

                    (by Blaine Mallory)


AIArchitect, August 2008

                    Aquatics Center Opens at LA School

                    (by Russell Boniface)


Los Angeles Times, November 19, 2007

                    Appealing to the highest common denominator

                    (by Carla Rivera)


Competitions Magazine, Spring 1996

                    Back to Behrens?  Williamsburg Court House Competition

                    (by Stanley Collyer)


Daily Press, Williamsburg Virginia,  January 17, 1996

Court Design to be Selected